Did you know that there is a simple way that you can keep your employees happy and boost their productivity? As long as you have got a coffee maker in your office, your employees would be happier because they would be able to get espresso whenever they wanted. If you are planning to buy a coffee maker for your office’s break room, there are a few things that you have got to consider first. By considering all of these different factors before you buy a coffee maker, you can ensure that you are going to purchase the right one for your office.


It would be better to get a coffee maker that is unobtrusive. This is because it would seamlessly flow with the rest of your office’s decor. For that, you may want to get a coffee maker that you can hide underneath one of the countertops in your office’s break room. An in counter coffee maker would be a great idea, especially if you want to get one that is easy to place anywhere that you want in your office. You would find that if you choose that kind of placement for your office’s coffee maker, then it would be able to fit anywhere that you want to put it in.


You have also got to get an office coffee maker that is easy to maintain. A coffee maker in your office would probably end up being used a lot. So you would want to get one that is relatively maintenance free and also really easy to use as well. An in counter coffee maker would fit that bill perfectly. It can produce several cups of espresso in a minute, with no recovery time at all. It is also relatively easy to clean. Plus, virtually no spills will occur as its nozzle height will adjust to wherever the cup is being held.

Cost of each cup

Ideally, you should also get a coffee maker that makes cups of coffee efficiently. This is because there would probably be a lot of people that are going to end up drinking a lot of cups of coffee in your office. So if you do not want a coffee maker that is too expensive to use, you must find one that is energy efficient. It takes a lot of energy to continuously run a coffee maker. So you must try to find a coffee maker that does not use too much energy or use up too many beans of coffee just to make one cup of espresso.

Taste of coffee

And most importantly of all, you must get a coffee maker for your office that would actually create espressos that taste good. Your workers would naturally prefer drinking cups of espressos that are delicious. If they do not like the taste of the coffee that is coming out of your espresso machine, then they would not be using it at all. And if your employees are not using your espresso machine, it would be a huge waste of your investment of one. You must try and find a coffee machine that can produce a cup of espresso that would satisfy the tastes of your employees.

If you are a caffeine addict who is never totally awake without your morning coffee, need a caffeine fix every two hourly else you would doze off at client presentations, you would really appreciate the wonders of office coffee services.

Indeed, there are many benefits of the office coffee service, especially when your office coffee services provide you with a wide selection of gourmet coffee and type of brewing to choose from. This simple token fringe benefit that some offices provide to their staff has had many a caffeine addicted staff hooked to the pantry and literally bunking in at the office.

Most packages provide free usage of a good office coffee machine, monthly delivery of you preferred coffee beans. Should you run out of beans unexpectedly before the month is out, some company would graciously courier more to you free of additional charge. For first timers, you will enjoy a sampler basket of the array of gourmet coffee so that you could try each blend until you have found the most commonly preferred ones.

Office Coffee Services come in three main alternatives. If the company has the space and budget, it could set aside a cozy corner as onsite espresso bars which provide the full range of espresso drinks as well as gourmet coffee. They come highly subsidized by the company. Balancing budget and features, you might choose the electric coffee maker which not serves up fresh coffee as and when you need it. It is a common sight nowadays to see coffee machines with functions for making lattes, cappuccinos, espressos. All you need to do is to buy the beans and you are good to go. But whichever options you may choose, it is not advisable to opt for office coffee machines giving you low quality instant coffee. visit www.bluetigercoffee.com today!

gourmet coffeeSome people prefer to stop in a mom and pop type shop that focuses on a certain region or particular type of gourmet blend. There is nothing wrong with this! One coffee company that comes to mind is Topeca. Topeca coffee is a family-owned business specializing in El Salvadoran coffee. They rely on a “seed-to-cup” process which means they believe they produce the freshest product. Personally, I know a lot of Topeca coffee fanatics. They say once you try their coffee, you will never drink another brand. I have not tried it yet, but I’m looking forward to trying it soon. Read this news here!

Regardless of what type of specialty gourmet coffee you choose, I think you will be happy. When it comes down to it, most people just prefer a cup of coffee with good flavor and delicious body. It truly doesn’t matter where it came from or how much it cost, as long as it tastes good!

Now that you know your office coffee services options, check them out and you might just keep your staff late into the night!